Supply chain productivity is essential for growth, inventory control, and cost-effectiveness. Now you can move products directly from receivables to outgoing shipping, avoid long-term storage, inventory and repackaging costs, and maximize profitability with OU Logistics’ cross-docking services.

OU Logistics Cross-Docking Advantages

Speed, inventory management, and productivity in your supply chain are critical to growth and cost-effectiveness. With our cross-docking services, you can focus on using the best technology and business systems to create a just-in-time shipping process. By moving product directly from receivables to outgoing shipping you avoid long-term storage, inventory and repackaging costs, and decrease human capital.

You’ll also benefit from less risk of product damage and operator error in moving product in and out of storage while realizing a greater ROI from faster shipping and customer satisfaction. Achieve efficiency and a competitive advantage by partnering with OU Logistics for all your cross-docking needs.

Efficient Cross-Docking & Logistics Partnership

Not only can we be your cross-docking partner and eliminate the need for your own tractor-trailers and operators, but we can also be your expedited on-demand carrier within 350 miles of St. Louis. The efficiency, scalability, and cost-savings of outsourcing the product movement, shipping, and delivery can be significant.

Partnering with OU Logistics for cross-docking and expedited freight services can be the difference between large time and monetary expenditures on equipment, certified licensed drivers, and other systems, and a completely streamlined inventory supply chain process that’s budget-friendly and revenue focused.

  • Faster product movement; never need to be received into inventory.
  • Higher product turnover; usually within 24-hours.
  • Reduces material handling and less risk of damage.
  • Less warehouse and storage space required.
  • No packaging, moving, storing means fewer labor costs.
  • Consolidate and eliminate some processes like order picking.
  • Eliminate the need for owning tractor-trailers and employing licensed, certified operators.
  • Full loads for each trip save transportation costs and help with environmental impact.
  • Products destined for a similar endpoint can be transported as a full load, reducing overall distribution costs.
  • Reduced delivery time to customer provides greater satisfaction and loyalty.

Save Time & Reduce Costs – Contact Us Today

As you can see, cross-docking with OU Logistics provides many benefits, especially when combined with a full-service shipping, handling, and warehousing partnership. We also offer a Preferred Partner savings with multiple services and deliveries.

If you think your business shipping and inventory processes could be more efficient and less costly, reach out to our expert, owner-operator team today to learn more about our cross-docking, LTL and FTL freight, and warehousing services. Estimates are free and we are at your service 7-days a week. (314) 624-5727